ASU Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering
Kevin Burger

"If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there'd be peace." — John Lennon

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." — A. Einstein

"If carpenters built buildings the way programmers write programs, the first woodpecker that came along would destroy civilization." — Unknown

"Homer no function beer well without." — H. Simpson

"If rice is wriggling, it's not rice." — Ralph Wiggum

"When I'm sick, my tummy makes floor soup." — Ralph Wiggum

"The scissors say they won't hurt you, but they're lying." — Ralph Wiggum

"Bart, don't make fun of grad students. They've just made a terrible life choice." — Marge Simpson

"Man, this is crazy. I hope I didn't drain my bamage." — Homer Simpson

"Actually I made up the term "object-oriented", and I can tell you I did not have C++ in mind." — Alan Kay

OOP to me means only messaging, local retention and protection and hiding of state-process, and extreme late-binding of all things. It can be done in Smalltalk and in LISP. There are possibly other systems in which this is possible, but I'm not aware of them." — Alan Kay

"I fear—as far as I can tell—that most undergraduate degrees in computer science these days are basically Java vocational training. I've heard complaints from even mighty Stanford University with its illustrious faculty that basically the undergraduate computer science program is little more than Java certification. — Alan Kay

"People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware." — Alan Kay

"... greatest single programming language ever designed. (talking about the Lisp programming language)" — Alan Kay

"Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live." — Martin Golding

"There are 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary and those who don't." — Anonymous

"I used to be with it, but then they changed what it was and now what it is just seems weird and scary." — Abraham Simpson

Bart: "What's that smell?" Lisa: "It smells like Otto's jacket."

Bart: "What's that smell?" Lisa: "It smells like the art teacher's office."